This section is dedicated to the unsung heroes who help the band when they can. Velvet Razor thanks you…

Velvet Razor - The Crew

JD – named after his favourite beverage*
Russel Blues the JD man
 JD  has been to a lot of our earlier gigs he has helped set up the musical equipment, amplifiers, mixing desk he has manned the cameras etc, even collecting money at the door sometimes

  • Chief Roadie
  • Unofficial Photographer
  • Videographer
  • Bouncer
  • Chief Publicist
  • Music Critic
  • Internet Security /CMS Consultant
  • all round good egg.


He is like the Richard Cole of Velvet Razor

*Aww c’mon what kind of rocker are you? Jack Daniels of course
James Neale
‘JJ’ has been a friend for years, we have
been in bands together, wrote songs and music
together, gone to see other bands play,
got drunk together.
JJ is a fine member of the human race,
lead vocalist for the funatics, and a great DJ
over at Radio Lion

  • an unofficial Photographer
  • Roadie
  • Supporter

Oh and he knows how to count up to two…

Sandy has attended most of our gigs and has helped us in ways too numerous to mention. However to mention a few she has helped lug equipment, been our ears and eyes in the audience and even collected money at the door sometimes

  • Roadie
  • Photographer
  • Videographer
  • Chief Publicist
  • Music Critic
  • Internet SEO expert
Clive Searle
  • Publicist
  • Gig getter
  • Music Critic
 Clive is a recent addition to the Velvet Razor crew after seeing us play for the first time at the Woburn Arms public House June 2012 (last year) he kindly got us a couple of gigs at Sullivan’s wine bar in Weybridge.