A great Guilfest this year (2012) Velvet Razor would like to extend it’s
sincere thanks to those that helped us make it to happen.
Though there are too many to list in their entirety we would like
to specifically mention the following people:
Sandra Fiquet Videographer Nº 1, Live audio (recording us).
& Band PR
James Neale. For being our ears at the main PA & Roadie
Tony Scott Guilfest Organiser
Duncan Cooper Goodtimes stage manager
Stan Ripley Guilfest Band Liaison
Sound & Light Crew The Good Time Guide Stage
Ash For being great, you guys rawk…
The Zone For doing a great set on the Main stage Friday
Weyward Chile For doing such a great set on the Main stage Friday
and having a cheeky logo
Needless to say live MP3’s, photos and Videos will be forthcoming
on  this Website very soon so check back periodically to get your