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Current News:
Velvet Razor has now found a drummer, thank you if you responded previously.

Velvet Razor are still looking for a replacement drummer if you are interested, have your own kit and transport and are in the South-East of England (preferably Surrey) please use the VR contact form to get in touch.

New Album Releases:

Velvet Razor have finally releases “Stonehenge welcomes careful drivers” it has been very delayed due to a Recording studio outage.

It is now out to purchase on-line as CD or download currently available on CDBaby at Stonehenge Welcomes Careful Drivers available at CDBaby

but hopefully soon to be out on Amazon, iTunes . See the video of our first released single “I dream of you” here

VELVET RAZOR Live Performances:

Velvet Razor’s Gigs – History of Live Musical performances  2017/2016/2015/2014/2013/2012:

16th April 2017 Our album “Stonehenge Welcomes Careful Drivers” has been released (Finally!!!)
14th Jan 2017 Velvet Razor is actively looking to recruit a new drummer. Must be the reincarnation of John Henry Bonham (but with a little bit of punky & progressive rock contamination throw in).

If you are located in the South-East of England (UK), have your own kit and transport and are interested then please go to the contact page and leave us a message. Contact us

13th October 2016 Jeff Rose and Dave Kent played in an outside gig under the Hangar in Farnborough as part of a band called “FGP All stars” featuring vocalist, guitarist and mandolinist Heather Mills, vocalists Andy Gill, Phillipa King, keyboard Serge Colbourne, Saxophonists Ceri Dillon and Paul Hardy as well as ace drummer Ron Heeran
17th June 2016 Rest assured Velvet Razor will carry on and we will be auditioning new musicians from July 2015 on-wards. We are looking for a new drummer.
 8th June 2016 It is with great sadness that today Velvet Razor says goodbye to Paul Tillotson as our drummer. Paul Joined Velvet Razor at the end of 2008, he was a fabulous drummer and a good friend. Paul has now left the band due to further deteriorating health.
01 Jan 2016  While Paul is recovering, The band is working on some new original material for a new upcoming Album and creating videos for songs from “Stonehenge Welcomes Careful Drivers”.
11 July 2015 Black Cherry Fair, Chertsey Surrey. Due to 2 band members being in poor health, we had to cancel this gig. CANCELLED
June 2015 Paul became ill after his tour of Thailand and came back to the UK much later than planned.
We are still awaiting him to recover from his serious  illness, so that we can resume playing live.
Mon 9th Feb 2015
to 15 March 2015
Our drummer Paul is touring the Stadiums (Stadia?) of Thailand with Sek Losso &
Paul “Bonehead” Arthurs. As a resultVelvet Razor’s  gigs have gone on to a pause state until Paul returns in a couple of weeks and we will resume playing live very soon
Sat 7th Feb 2015 The Happy Landing, Clare Road, Stanwell, Staines, Middlesex, TW19 7QT PLAYED
Taking time out from live performances to update our set list and lay down tracks on our forthcoming album
“Stonehenge Welcomes Careful Drivers”.
Sat 21st Dec 2013 Crimbleberry ball 2013 Rubix University of Surrey (from the makers of Guilfest) PLAYED
Sat 7th Sept 2013 The Silver Birch, Bracknell PLAYED
Sat 20th July 2013 Byfleet Recreation Ground (Outdoor Event)
Rectory Lane Byfleet Village KT14 7LU
Sat 13th July 2013 Swanfest Black Cherry Fair, Chertsey 1:30pm PLAYED
Fri 12th July 2013 Swanfest Black Cherry Fair, Chertsey 9pm PLAYED
Thu 11th July 2013 The Workshop, London PLAYED
Fri  21st June 2013 Ye Olde Swan, Chertsey PLAYED
Sat  11th May 2013 The Silver Birch, Bracknell PLAYED
Sat  27th April 2013 The Royal Oak Public House, Bracknell PLAYED
Fri  22nd Feb 2013 The Jubilee Public House , Sunbury
(Opposite Kempton Park Race track)
Thu  17th Jan 2013 Sullivan’s Wine bar Weybridge Surrey PLAYED
Sat  29th Dec 2012 The Dukes Head Public House, Sandhurst PLAYED
Sat  1st Dec 2012 The Silver Birch, Bracknell RESCHEDULED
Fri 30th Nov 2012 The Jubilee Public House , Sunbury
(Opposite Kempton Park Race track)
Sun  4th Nov 2012 Sullivan’s Wine bar Weybridge Surrey PLAYED
Sun  15th July 2012 Guilfest 2012 music festival
on The Good time Pro Stage 1:30pm
Fri 6th July 2012  The Jubilee Public House , Sunbury
(Opposite Kempton Park Race track)
Fri 22nd June 2012 The Woburn Arms Public House Chertsey/Addlestone Surrey PLAYED
Fri 18th May 2012 Cavendish Arms Stockwell, London PLAYED
Fri 10th Feb 2012 Cavendish Arms Stockwell, London PLAYED

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